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Premium mask that is available with a range of skirt sizes and has optional colour kits.


The Scubapro D-Mask is a premium mask that is available with a range of skirt sizes, has optional colour kits, takes its styling from the new D420 second stage and is compatible with negative, positive and bi-focus lenses.

Besides being a high-quality mask as you would expect from Scubapro, it is also fitted with UV+420cut lenses that filter out high-energy visible (HEV) light as well as UV light without affecting how colours appear underwater. It is also the only premium mask that features an interchangeable lens system for optional minus, plus and bi-focal optical lenses.

As standard the D-Mask comes in black with blue accents to match the D420 regulators colour scheme but colour kits are available to customise the look . It comes with a choice of black or clear skirts in two sizes: Medium or Small as well as a special wide fit in the black skirt. It also comes with a black Comfort Strap and an adaptor for mounting the Galileo HUD hands-free dive computer.

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Black/Blue, Clear/Blue

Skirt Size

Small, Medium, Wide

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