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SCUBAPRO Frameless


The Scubapro Frameless mask is for the serious diver that wants a serious fit


The Scubapro Frameless mask is for the serious diver that wants a serious fit - very few masks fit like this one!

Single-lens mask featuring a unique assembly of lens and skirt without a frame. Reduced weight- size and volume makes clearing water easy.

One-hand- quick-adjust buckle system attaches directly to skirt to maximize comfort and fit.

Low profile- durable soft black silicone skirt and black body.

How To Order

Choose Your Mask

Step 1 - Choose Your Mask & Lens

Visit our Prescription Dive Masks page to view our full range of masks. On each of our masks you have the option to add the lens corrections to your order. Simply choose your favourite, add the lens correction and checkout online.

If you already have a mask we are more than happy to bond prescription lenses to a mask you supply to us - provided the mask has tempered-glass faceplates. This can be a new mask sourced from your local dive-centre or dive-shop, or a mask you are already using. Simply choose the 'Supply Your Own Mask' option from the shop.


Step 2 - Upload your Prescription

Next please send us a copy of your prescription. You can:

Scan / take a photo on your mobile phone and e-mail a copy to: [email protected]


Photocopy and post to Dive Sight LTD, Unit 3, Carlisle House, 99 Carlisle Street East, Sheffield, S4 7QN

Please ensure that your opticians name and address are clearly visible on the prescription.

Please note that due to regulations we are unable to supply prescription masks if you are registered blind and we cannot supply to anyone under 16 years of age. Dive Sight is a professional optical service and we are not here just to sell you a prescription dive mask, we are here to optimise your underwater vision and maximise your diving pleasure. To do this, we need to be absolutely certain that the prescription details you provide are completely accurate and less than two years old.

It is very important that we have your precise prescription details and ophthalmic regulations require us to see a copy of your actual prescription form. Ideally, we need to see this at the time the order is placed.

This can be scanned and e-mailed, or sent as a hard copy. Address details are shown below. This is to safeguard your interest, as your mask will be custom-glazed and cannot be offered for resale. We are required to see a copy of the prescription prior to dispatching your order.

If you do not fully understand the information on your prescription or have any queries relating to your prescription just call us on 0114 3273140 and we can answer any questions you have.

Pupil Distance

Step 3 - Upload your Pupil Distance

Last, but not least, we will need a very simple measurement, to ensure you get the very best results from your prescription mask. This is the measurement of the distance between your pupils, (your PD) when looking straight ahead.

Measure Pupil Distance

An accurate PD measurement enables us to position the optical centres of the lenses exactly in-line with the centres of your eyes, to ensure maximum visual comfort. This measurement can be obtained from your optician or you can either use a mirror to take the PD measurement yourself, or get a friend to assist you. The easiest way is to take a piece of firm card and hold it below your eyes and then make a pencil mark directly in line with each pupil and measure the distance between the two marks in millimeters (mm). A typical adult measurement will be between 58 and 70mm.

As eye care professionals Dive Sight ltd will not work to “approximate” values. We will produce your mask to your precise prescription to ensure we achieve the optimum visual acuity, making your vision underwater as good as it is on dry land. All our prescription lenses are made from optical glass, which minimizes distortion, reduces fogging and offers maximum scratch resistance. The corrective lenses are permanently bonded to the inside of the mask faceplates.

If you are unhappy with your purchase, we will take it back and refund the cost of the mask, but we cannot reimburse you for the cost of glazing as the lenses we fit are custom made to your specific prescription, and cannot be reused.

All Dive Sight masks are custom made to each individuals precise prescription, and carefully checked at every stage of production. As such, customers need to allow 28 days for delivery from receipt of initial order. In the event of your chosen mask being out of stock or unsuitable for your prescription, we will contact you and advise on alternatives.

Lens Options

Lens Materials

All our dive-mask lenses are made from optical glass, which minimises distortion, cuts down fogging and offers maximum scratch resistance. The corrective lenses, to your precise prescription, will be permanently bonded to the rear of the mask’s original flat ( plano ) glass, though, in cases of very high prescriptions, they may be bonded to the front surface.

Plus lenses

These are used to correct ‘long-sightedness’ ( Hypermetropia ) This describes the condition when distant objects can be seen clearly but near objects are blurred. The higher the power of a plus lens, the greater the effect of ‘tunnel vision’. This can necessitate a special choice of lens for higher + powers.

Minus lenses

These are used to correct ‘short-sightedness’ ( Myopia ) This is when near objects can be seen clearly but distant objects appear blurred. The higher the power of a minus lens, the thicker the lens edges become, giving peripheral distortion’. This sometimes requires lenses to be made to a specific size or in a specific material.


The 'cylinder' value of a lens is used to correct astigmatism,  the condition where one part of the eye has an irregular curve ( instead of being round, it is shaped more like a rugby ball ). To further complicate matters, astigmatism may also occur at an angle ( this will be the case if you have an ‘axis’ value on your prescription.) If these problems are not corrected your eye cannot compensate, other than to a small degree, so your vision will be distorted and blurred. The only way to achieve correction is by using lenses with a cylinder value. 'Off the shelf'  lenses do not have any cylinder correction. This is one of the reasons why we do not recommend their use.

Bifocal ( Read add )

As we get older, usually starting around the mid 40’s, the mechanism that allows the eye to focus ‘up close’ becomes increasingly less efficient and ‘reading glasses’ become a necessity, even though other spectacles are not generally required. Obviously this can present a problem when diving, as some correction will be needed to read gauges, or observe small objects without touching a delicate environment, such as a reef. To address this issue, we can supply masks with 'bifocal' lenses, whereby plain lenses or distance prescription lenses have a small, reading lens segment incorporated into the lower part of the lens.

Precise Prescription - Optimum Vision

DiveSight is a professional optical service and our primary aim is to give the underwater vision you need in order to get the optimum satisfaction and enjoyment from your diving. Any mask supplied by us will be glazed to your exact prescription. We do not use 'off the shelf' lenses with the nearest, approximate power, as is often the case with other websites that offer 'prescription lenses'.


The ‘power’ of the spherical and cylindrical correction ( your prescription ) is measured in dioptres. Ready-made, 'off-the-shelf', ‘prescription’ dive masks or swimming goggles, have lenses which come in 0.5 dioptre increments. As a result, they will only be to the nearest approximate power to your prescription, relying on your eye’s flexibility to try and adjust for the uncorrected error. Moreover, these lenses only correct the spherical part of the problem, with no correction for any cylindrical  (astigmatic ) element of the defect. In order for us to supply you with the correct lenses, it is essential that the prescription information you give us is totally accurate and up-to-date.

If you are unhappy with your purchase, we will take it back and refund the cost of the mask, but we cannot reimburse you for the cost of glazing as the lenses we fit will be to your specific, personal prescription and  the mask cannot be offered for resale with these lenses fitted. (See Terms and Conditions)

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