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Find out more about us and what makes us different.
Dive Sight About Us

Who we are

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Liam, our Managing Director, began working for an optical company who manufactured glasses straight from school at the age of 16. When he was just 25 the opportunity to buy the business arose and Liam didn’t hesitate to grab the opportunity.

Fast forward to today and that’s now two decades of making glasses and optical appliances for opticians, businesses and you and me.

Prescription diving masks are something that his optical business has always produced but demand became such that in 2019 Liam decided to set up a separate business specifically for their manufacture… Dive Sight Limited was created.

The thousands of diving masks the business has made are supplied to dive shops all across the globe, as well as to specific businesses and individual divers worldwide. Even the BBC’s underwater cameramen shop with Dive Sight!
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Premium products

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Dive Sight are the UKs leading manufacturer of prescription scuba diving masks. We add your prescription to your choice of mask, whether that be your existing one or a new one from our range. This ensures you have the perfect mask for you.
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Tailored to your needs

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Dive Sight create personalised dive masks with your specific prescription inserted giving you the optimum experience under water. No prescription is too complex, and we can cater for any need whether that be for scuba diving, free diving, or any other underwater activity.
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The only place to go

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You will find no-one better at what we do. We can cater for any need no matter how big or small. All our diving masks are expertly manufactured by our UK highly renowned technicians especially for you.
Dive Sight Prescription Diving Mask How To Order

How it works

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Simply follow the steps detailed on our How to Order page – the process couldn’t be simpler.

Choose your mask, send us details of your prescription, and we will manufacture your very own prescription scuba diving mask and send it directly to you.

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