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Not Just For Fun 7 Reasons Why Scuba Diving Is Great For Your Health

Not just for Fun! 7 Reasons Why Scuba Diving is Great for your Health

Are you a seasoned and experienced diver? Are you a holiday diving enthusiast? Or are you just wondering whether to dip your flippers in the water for the first time?   The great news is that scuba diving is great for your health!

Diving is not only good for your body and physical fitness; it helps ease the stresses and strains of everyday life and so is great for your mind too!   So, please, whatever you do, don’t let eyesight issues miss out on one moment of this incredible experience.

Why Is Scuba Diving Great for Your Health?

Fitness, Strength & Flexibility

We know that swimming is a calorie burner and muscle toner. Scuba diving requires even greater strength and resistance, as you are swimming against more intense pressure.

Your entire body benefits - from strengthening your core, which then improves general posture; muscles lengthen and strengthen, right down to your feet gaining flexibility whilst controlling the speed and direction as you swim.

On top of the swimming itself, carrying your equipment, belts, and tanks all helps to strengthen and tone those muscles, and build endurance too.

And for some, the biggest bonus of all is as you fight the underwater currents, navigate wrecks and reefs, and enjoy the most amazing experiences, you can burn up to 500 calories per hour!

Healing Effects

The entire diving experience allows your body to recuperate, regenerate and some say it takes you back to the feeling of being in the womb! Strange as it may seem, floating in the water apparently gives the same feeling of weightlessness, security, and contentment.

Not only does diving provide strengthening and fitness, it is also great for anyone suffering with physical injuries and disabilities.

Scuba diving is now one of the most inclusive sports, where specially trained instructors and dive buddies ensure nobody misses out. From minor injuries to full amputation, there are very few challenges that cannot be overcome.

And, don’t forget the healing power on the skin of seawater and the sun’s Vitamin D…

Mental Health

As well as the physical benefits, diving forces you to clear your mind of all other thoughts so that you focus only on your breathing, equipment, and surroundings. Great for stress-relief!

It’s a calm and relaxed environment where, once you get used to hearing yourself breathe, all your worries literally drift away.

Being separated from your phone, laptop, and the general noise of the world is amazing and the benefits of switching off from all of that can prove to be a real boost for mental health.

In fact, studies have shown that diving promotes a positive mood, mindfulness, and can help reduce levels of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and insomnia.


Although you’ll probably have the natural instinct at first to hold your breath as you go under water, you will soon learn to breathe more slowly, deeply and be more controlled. Diving teaches you to breathe correctly.

Your body, muscles and brain, therefore, receive optimum levels of oxygen. As your breathing deepens, your heart rate automatically reduces. Your muscles will power you through the water for longer and your brain will concentrate for longer. So overall, you feel in control both under water and when you are back on to dry land.

Blood Circulation and Blood Pressure

So, we now know that scuba diving is great for your health, for physical fitness, and can help with mental and emotional wellbeing. But don’t also forget that with the full cardio workout that it gives your body, your blood circulation will also benefit.

When you dive into the water, your heart rate may increase initially (particularly if the water is colder than your body temperature), but once you’ve started to warm up and regulate your breathing, your heart rate and blood pressure will also reduce.

Medical evidence has shown that those who dive regularly, and are otherwise fit, may also be less prone to strokes and heart attacks.

The View!

You’ve probably watched fish swimming gracefully in a tank or walked through an aquarium and felt calm and relaxed… Imagine how diving in amongst the deep blue yonder could change your entire world!

The colours you will be surrounded by as you pass the most stunning creatures, flora, and fauna, are beautiful and as the water magnifies everything around you, it creates something incredibly special indeed.

Your entire experience will be one of amazement and we can guarantee you will be hooked!

Health Benefits

And last, but not least, meeting like-minded people with whom you can share experiences is one of the added health benefits that often gets forgotten.

It’s an opportunity to be sociable.  Even if you are anxious or nervous about speaking to people under normal circumstances, the beauty of hand signals means that no matter what language or nationality, you can still communicate under water!

You will be paired up with a dive buddy, and you will always look out for each other. So even if you arrived on your own, you’ll never dive alone.

I’m sure you will agree that not only is it going to give you one of the most unique experiences life can offer, but it’s also fair to say scuba diving is great for your health … mind and body!  And, if we can help you see every single detail of your scuba diving experience with our prescription scuba diving masks, then that makes our work worthwhile.

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