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high index lenses are they right for you?

High Index Lenses: Are They Right for You?

Get a different perspective underwater with thin lenses in your prescription diving mask

One of our customers recently told us about his ‘WOW’ experience after admitting he didn’t realise how much he had been missing on his dives. He was recommended to us when he noticed things were getting a bit blurry around him underwater, and on the first dive with his new prescription dive mask, even the smallest of details were suddenly crystal clear. But more crucially, he no longer struggled to see his computer readings. Because here at Dive Sight, it’s your safety as well as your diving experience and comfort that matter to us. And we make sure that regardless of your eyesight challenges, how complex your usual prescription may be, you can still get the best out of every dive with our new thin lenses in your prescription diving mask.

I’m going to explain to you the benefits you can gain from not only a precision prescription dive mask, but how thin lenses in your prescription diving mask will improve that even further. And how Dive Sight can bring the best to you in terms of crystal-clear vision and ease of reading your technical equipment; the most comfortable diving masks; and sound knowledgeable advice around the right prescription lenses for your needs.

Having worked in the industry for over twenty years now (yes, straight from school!) I know how glasses and optical appliances have progressed. And I also appreciate how diving should be one of the most awe inspiring ‘out of this world’ experiences. How do I know this? Because I am a diver myself.

When I first started work though there was never such a thing as prescription dive masks. A blurry underwater imagination was as far as we got! And it was some time before the advances in technology and our sport combined.

But why should you miss out on such things as diving holidays and day trips just because you are short-sighted, long-sighted or have other problems with your eyesight, and would usually wear glasses? We believe you don’t have to miss a single moment of what could be the best experiences in your life, and we make sure you have the ultimate in visual equipment for every style of diving, made specifically to your requirements. Which is why we also pride ourselves in being the UK’s leading dive mask lens manufacturer.

I’ve highlighted the benefits of a prescription dive mask in an earlier blog, and genuinely believe that, with precision prescription dive mask lenses, your dives will take you way beyond your dreams and expectations. From snorkelers to sports divers, and leisure divers to professional underwater photographers (yes, even the BBC underwater cameramen buy their masks from Dive Sight), there is a diving mask to suit all your needs. And we are the experts in then manufacturing and fitting lenses of your exact prescription.

I’ll explain in more detail later how we take care of everything from start to finish. But for now, I want to highlight that all our dive mask lenses minimise distortion, reduce fogging and are manufactured to resist even the harshest of scratches.

Plus, you no longer need to worry about  thick prescription lens looking out of place in your mask, because we can add ‘high index’ thin lenses in your prescription diving mask. This will take the appearance and style of your mask, your confidence of being completely safe to see your dive buddies and readings, and all-round view to another level!

The way lenses are rated or indexed can get quite technical, so I have listed the benefits of 'high index' lenses as simply as possible:

Why ‘high index’ lenses?

  • They are highly recommended for strong prescription short-sightedness, long-sightedness, or Astigmatism.
  • They do the job of refracting (bending) light more efficiently than standard lenses.
  • Because of this, they can, therefore, be made much thinner, as the edges contain less lens material than the same strength prescription lens made from conventional glass or plastic.
  • They have a more attractive profile than standard thicker lenses.
  • They're lighter than a normal lens.
  • The higher the refraction index (i.e. the better at refracting, or bending, light), the thinner and lighter the lens can be.
  • You gain greater vision as more light passes through with approximately 50% less reflection.What type of prescription lenses are available and how are they fitted to my diving mask?

Supply your own mask and we can provide lenses for single vision distance, single vision reading, bi-focal or split lenses (for separate distance and reading requirements).

Or we can help you to choose the most appropriate mask for your needs, and then fit your prescription lenses.

No matter what your prescription, all corrective lenses are permanently and securely bonded to the front or rear of the original flat glass in the mask. No concerns with leakage or misting up. All you need to do is dive in, enjoy every minute, and then we would love it if you came back to tell us all about it!

Why trust Dive Sight to provide the best thin lenses in your prescription diving mask?

With a highly recommended reputation for manufacturing and supplying precise prescription diving masks to amateur, leisure, and professional divers all around the world, we guarantee the best service and products for your individual requirements.

With a passion for diving myself, you will notice the difference when you speak to us here at Dive Sight. You don’t just pick a mask off the shelf and ‘put up with’ what you have chosen if it doesn’t feel right.

We help you choose your mask and then, using your prescription, we manufacture and fit your bespoke lenses. Or, if you already have your own preferred mask, simply send it to us along with details of your prescription and we do the rest. It really is as simple as that.

Short-sighted, long-sighted, Astigmatism or specific visual challenges? Nothing is too difficult for us to handle. Your diving safety and security, as well as comfort and creating an unbelievable experience each time you dive with one of our dive masks is what we are here for. So, contact us today to find out how you, too, can arrange for thin lenses in your prescription diving mask, and give your underwater world a whole new perspective!

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